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Interdisciplinary Research Experience in Hyperspectral Imaging (IDREHSI)


Dr. Bingqing Liang

Dr.  Liang
Assistant Professor in Geospatial Technology & Remote Sensing
(PhD Indiana State University 2008)
Urban remote sensing, urban environmental quality, land surface temperature mapping, heat island modeling, urban land characterization, and impervious surface classification.

Dr. Andrey N. Petrov

Dr. Petrov
Associate Professor & Academic Director, GeoTREE Center
Director, Arctic, Remote and Cold Territories Interdisciplinary Center (ARCTICenter) (ARCSES)
(PhD University of Toronto 2008)
Spatial analysis, applied remote sensing: agricultural systems and polar regions. Analysis of environmental and human dynamics using satellite observation systems.

Dr. Maureen Clayton

Dr. Clayton
Associate Professor of Environmental Science & Biology
(PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1996)
Sublethal effects of organic, organometallic, and heavy metal contaminents on marine and freshwater organisms development and use of biomarkers of the effects of environmental contaminents.

Dr. Alan Czarnetzki

Dr. Czarnetzki
Professor of Meteorology
(PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison 1992)
Air quality, atmospheric processes, meteorological decision support systems that can be used by decision makers, planners, and emergency managers.

Dr. J. Ben Schafer

Dr. Schafer
Associate Professor of Computer Science
(PhD University of Minnesota 2001)
Recommender systems, collaborative information systems, electronic commerce, agent assisted interfaces.

Dr. Tim Kidd

Dr. Kidd
Professor of Physics
(PhD University of Illinois 2002)
Photovoltaic, nanostructures, condensed matter.

Dr. Andrew Berns

Dr. Berns
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
(PhD University of Iowa 2012)
Fault-tolerant distributed computing, self-stabilizing overlay networks.

Dr. Dennis Dahms

Dr. Dahms
Professor of Geography
(PhD University of Kansas 1991)
Quarternary geology (paleogeography, stratigraphy, geochronology), soil science.

Dr. Patrick Pease

Dr.  Pease
Professor & Head of Geography
(PhD Texas A&M University 1998)
Geomorphology, mineralogy, spectral analysis, paleo-environmental reconstruction.

Dr. Mohammad Iqbal

Dr.  Iqbal
Professor of Geology
(PhD Indiana University 1994)
Groundwater flow and subsurface contaminant transport mechanisms; Impact of agricultural practices on aquatic ecosystems; Watershed hydrology

Dr. Chad E. Heinzel

Dr. Heinzel
Associate Professor of Geology
(PhD Northern Illinois University 2005)
Integration of techniques from geology, geography, and archaeology to investigate possible environmental and anthropogenic influences on the socio-economic development of indigenous populations.

Dr. Xinhua Shen

Dr. Shen
Assistant Professor of Meteorology/Air Quality
(PhD Colorado State University 2011)
Air quality measurement and modeling, cloud-aerosol-precipitation interactions, air pollution control technologies.

Dr. James Dietrich

Dr.  Dietrich
Assistant Professor in Geomorphology and Geospatial Technology
(PhD University of Oregon 2014)
Structure-from-motion and close-range photogrammetry, Fluvial geomorphology, and Open source software and hardware for remote sensing and environmental monitoring

Dr. Mark Sherrard

Dr.  Sherrard
Assistant Professor of Biology
(PhD University of Guelph 2010)
Plant ecology, plant physiology, productivity in prairie biomass feedstocks

Dr. Ramanathan Sugumaran (1968-2017)

Dr. Sugumaran
Founding PI of the REU: IDREHSI program
(PhD University of Edinburgh 1999)
Remote Sensing, GIS, Forestry, Presicion Agriculture, Health Geographics; Artificial Intelligence, Spatial Decision Support Systems, Internet Applications.
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