GPS Workshops


GPS into GIS: Advanced GPS Workshop

More than 20 participants attended this successful workshop in which the participants learned to carry out all steps necessary to produce useful data in the Global Positioning System (GPS) to Geographic Information System (GIS) data cycle. GeoTREE participants were introduced to important GPS concepts as well as to the most common mobile and desktop software to effectively plan, collect, and process GPS data. The participants used ESRI's ArcPad (mobile mapping and field data collection) software as well as Trimble GeoXT and GeoXH GPS units. The participants learned how to plan their collection mission, collect data GPS data in the field, and to post-process the GPS data for integration with other spatial datasets. Participants were also introduced to the use of survey-grade GPS by GeoTREE staff and by representatives from Trimble and Trimble resellers.



GPS Data into GIS

This workshop provided particiapnts with a complete overview of the GPS to GIS cycle, from data collection to incorporation into GIS. Each course participant learned how to complete a mapping project from start to finish. The course taught the basics of GPS and how to collect and process data using Trimble GeoXT GPS equipment. The training included both a classroom session and a field exercise.