The UNI GeoTREE Center, with funding from the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship has completed urban stormwater modeling exercise for portions of several urban watersheds in Iowa. The IDALS project was funded to further develop and improve a coupled GIS - urban stormwater modeling system. The GeoTREE Center has developed ArcSLAMM, a set of customized geodatabases, custom ArcGIS toolbox (Python Script tools), and documentation. ArcSLAMM extends the ability to effectively use GIS with WinSLAMM (link), a leading urban stromwater modeling software. 

As part of the IDALS project, the GeoTREE Center has applied the ArcSLAMM/WinSLAMM system to a set of urban watesheds in the state of Iowa. These applications were meant to provide practical examples of utilizing the ArcSLAMM/WinSLAMM system. Below are links to data and reports resulting from these efforts. The contents include summarized modeling results by sub-watersheds (..\excel), a report detailing the efforts (..\pdf), and the geodatabase that hold inputs for WinSLAMM and modeled results (...\spatial). In addition a web mapping application has been published for each of the watersheds: Indian Creek Watershed, Easter Lake, and Dry Run Creek.

More results will be added shortly. If you have questions please contact John DeGroote at or 319-273-6158. 

Updated July 13, 2017

Indian Creek Modeling Results Dry Run Creek Modeling Results (Cedar Falls) Easter Lake WinSLAMM Modeling Results Cedarloo Watershed Modeling Results (Waterloo)